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+ Let a Thousand Voices Speak: Guide to Youth Radio
+ Brick Awards to Honor Young People for Community Problem-Solving Projects
+ Listen to a Life Essay Contest
+ Listening Across Borders: Creating Virtual Spaces for Youth Global Exchange
+ Project Tomorrow's annual Speak Up survey on technology's role in schools is now open

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November 20, 2007

Let a Thousand Voices Speak: Guide to Youth Radio

"It is remarkable how many different ways there are to set up and run a program for youth in radio. There are projects with lots of staff and money and others with none; projects that are part of a station, projects that are part of a high school, and some that are independent... In this manual you will find descriptions of many programs, sample curricula, information about equipment, additional resources, and stories about lessons learned, obstacles overcome, and challenges still to be met. Let a Thousand Voices Speak is designed to share information about many projects so that community radio stations, high schools, non-profit arts organizations and community groups can start and grow their own youth in radio programs." It is supported by the Youth Initiatives Program of the Open Society Institute.

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | Resources

Brick Awards to Honor Young People for Community Problem-Solving Projects

"The Brick Awards, an annual program of Do Something, honor young people (age 25 and under) in the United States and Canada for their efforts to address problems in their local or global communities. Nine Brick Award winners will receive a minimum of $10,000 in community grants and scholarships (if applicable). Of those nine winners, one will be selected by a national online vote as a Golden Brick Award winner and will receive a total of $100,000 in community grants. The community grant money is paid directly to the not-for-profit of the winner’s choice. Applicants must be permanent residents or citizens of the U.S. or Canada and must be born on or after June 30, 1982." Deadline: December 31, 2007.

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | Funding

Listen to a Life Essay Contest

"The Listen to a Life Essay Contest, sponsored by the Legacy Project of Generations United, asks students to interview a grandparent or grand-friend 50 years or older about the older person's hopes and goals through their life, how they achieved their goals and overcame obstacles or how dreams may have changed along the way. The student then writes a 300-word essay based on the interview. Maximum Award: a Lenovo ThinkCentre computer, $800 in Orchard software, and an iPod Classic with video and $25,000 worth of software for the student’s school. Eligibility: students ages 8-18. Deadline: March 31, 2008."

Referred by: PEN Weekly NewsBlast
Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | Activities

Listening Across Borders: Creating Virtual Spaces for Youth Global Exchange

"As we transition into an increasingly global and technology dependant society, new participatory media networks have the potential to affect an international youth-led social justice movement... As youth media educators, how can we create a different kind of pedagogical space where young people from around the globe can use the tools of participatory media (blogs, wikis, social networks, digital sharing sites, etc.) to connect politically and socially? How do we learn to 'listen across borders'—the first step in creating a youth platform for global social justice? These sets of questions inspired [Mindy Faber] to create YouthLAB, a program where youth are in charge, conceptualizing how to use participatory media as a springboard for youth leadership, activism and organizing."

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | Resources

Project Tomorrow's annual Speak Up survey on technology's role in schools is now open

"Students, parents, teachers, and now—for the first time—K-12 administrators are invited to take part in Speak Up 2007, an annual survey that seeks to determine what is needed to give students a top-notch, 21st-century education. Administered by Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay), a national nonprofit group focused on improving science, math, and technology education, Speak Up gives education stakeholders a chance to make their voices heard and contribute to an ongoing discussion about technology’s role in the curriculum... All public, private, parochial, and charter schools in the United States and Canada are eligible to participate. Individual responses are kept confidential, and the online survey can be accessed any time until Dec. 15."

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | News

State leaders convene to discuss ed tech

"Keeping kids safe on the internet and allowing them to learn and explore online don't have to be mutually exclusive goals: That was one of the key messages delivered to state educational technology leaders who attended a recent event in Washington, D.C. The occasion was the annual Leadership Summit and Education Forum, hosted by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) on Nov. 5 and 6. Called 'What It Takes to Compete,' the forum invited state education leaders from around the nation to a series of sessions highlighting best practices and innovative approaches for using technology to transform instruction and create 21st-century learning opportunities. Session topics ranged from managing internet security to the importance of high-speed networks, and from 'three-dimensional' social networking to a definition of global awareness."

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | News

Debut of All Terrain Brain - a Multimedia Project

"The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Three Chicks Media are pleased to bring you All Terrain Brain (ATB), a unique multimedia project designed to encourage kids ages 8 to 12 to take their brains 'off road' and tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. Through a series of 25 animated 1-minute videos, an interactive web site, and an educational outreach initiative, ATB will help kids discover they have the power to do whatever they want in life, whether they become entrepreneurs or simply gain a greater understanding of their own abilities." WGBH Boston is creating the Team ATB Activity Guide & DVD, which "will be available in December 2007 and will be distributed for free to afterschool programs nationwide while supplies last.... We are looking for 15 afterschool programs to pilot activities... in early 2008. Pilot sites will receive a $500 stipend for conducting activities."

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 20, 2007 | Activities

November 07, 2007

Extending Learning: Will We Ever Get it Right?

"In Karen Pittman's Youth Today column, she makes the case that youth development is ongoing, uneven and complex. Further, she argues that youth development is heavily mediated through relationships; influenced by environment; and triggered by participation, expectations and opportunities for involvement, commitment, contribution and learning."

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 07, 2007 | News

HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative

"HP believes that technology, when used effectively in teaching, can have a positive impact on student achievement.

The HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative is designed to support the innovative use of mobile technology in K-16 education, and to help identify K-12 public schools and two- and four-year colleges and universities that HP might support with future grants. Based on the outcomes of the projects funded through this initiative in 2008, HP may offer some grant recipients additional, higher-value grants in 2008.

In 2008, HP will award nearly $7 million in cash and equipment to K-12 schools in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and to colleges and universities throughout North America (Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.)."

The application process opens on January 8, 2008. Deadline is February 14, 2008.

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 07, 2007 | Funding

November 06, 2007

Action For Nature Offers International Young Eco-Hero Awards

"Action For Nature, a nonprofit organization that encourages young people around the world to carry out individual environmental action projects, presents the International Young Eco-Hero Awards to recognize the individual accomplishments of young people (ages 8-16) whose personal actions have significantly improved the environment.

Action For Nature will award cash prizes of up to $500 each to young Eco-Heroes for their outstanding accomplishments in environmental advocacy, environmental health, research, or protection of the natural world."

Deadline: February 28, 2008

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by wrivenburgh on November 06, 2007 | Funding

Youth Service America and Office of Juvenile Justice Offer Service Replication Grants

"Youth Service America and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in the U.S. Department of Justice are offering grants of $2,000 each to help organizations that have had a successful youth engagement experience replicate their practices in organizations in a broader network or coalition without a youth strategy. Successful applicants will involve youth in addressing the world's most pressing social issues, such as climate change, hunger, disease, nutrition, literacy, disaster relief, poverty, and more."

Deadline: November 30, 2007

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by wrivenburgh on November 06, 2007 | Funding

Neuroscience for Kids Poetry Contest

"The smell of a flower - The memory of a walk in the park - The pain of stepping on a nail. These experiences are made possible by the 3 pounds of tissue in our heads...the BRAIN!! Neuroscience for Kids has been created for all students and teachers who would like to learn about the nervous system. Discover the exciting world of the brain, spinal cord, neurons and the senses. Use the experiments, activities and games to help you learn about the nervous system. The Neuroscience for Kids Writing Contest is now open!... Entries must be received by February 1, 2008." Poems must have a neuroscience theme - about brain anatomy, brain function or brain health. "Be creative! Use your brain!"

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 06, 2007 | Activities

YouthLearn's Language Arts Tips and Resources

Out-of-school programs have a unique opportunity to help children master basic language skills because they can apply more flexible approaches to reinforce what kids are learning in their K-12 classrooms. Learning centers can provide unique activities, help with homework, and give personal attention to children who may be struggling with reading or writing.

The language arts lesson ideas available on YouthLearn include those that focus on reading skills, those that build writing skills, and those that focus on storytelling skills. The key to most education, especially to teaching reading and writing, is repetition, reinforcement and practice. Although that idea is nothing new, repetition sometimes gets a bad rap. The challenge lies in finding ways to turn repetition and practice into engaging activities that kids actually want to do.

Posted by wrivenburgh on November 06, 2007 | Activities