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+ AmeriCorps VISTAs for Community Media & Technology Projects
+ "Internet Photo Essays" - a YouthLearn Project
+ Life in New China: Photo Essays by Beijing Youth
+ Community Schools: Bolstering the American Dream

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March 13, 2007


As part of our new project, the Youth Media Learning Network, YouthLearn will be offering a workshop entitled "Youth Media, Civic Engagement and Critical Thinking" at next weeks' National Afterschool Association conference in Phoenix, Arizona. YouthLearn Director Tony Streit and YMLN Project Director Tim Dorsey will be co-facilitating. The session is scheduled for Thursday March 22nd at 10:00 AM. EDC will also have a booth in the exhibit area if you'd like to stop by and visit.

Posted by tstreit on March 13, 2007 | YouthLearn Updates

AmeriCorps VISTAs for Community Media & Technology Projects

"AmeriCorps*VISTA programs place full-time capacity building volunteers with organizations that are serving low-income communities.

The CTC VISTA Project places its VISTA members (50 a year) with community technology centers and other organizations that are using technology to address the needs of low-income people.

The Project is currently accepting applications from organizations that want a VISTA to work on one of the following types of projects: Community Networking; Technology Assistance to Non-profits; Digital Media; Access and Inclusion.... It takes time to recruit a VISTA so please submit your Intent to Apply as early as possible and by April 13th at the latest."

Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | Funding

"Internet Photo Essays" - a YouthLearn Project

"Internet Photo Essays," comprising lesson plans for 8 sessions, introduces 12- to 14-year-olds to tools and techniques that can be used to create original digital content about issues, trends and happenings that are important to them. This project is targeted to 12- to 14-year-olds because at that age, current events, social issues, politics and history are common themes in students' schoolwork, in the literature and media they are exposed to, and in their personal lives. The emphasis on multimedia and Internet skills is intended to help youth gain the advanced technology skills they need to pursue higher education and employment.

Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | Activities

Life in New China: Photo Essays by Beijing Youth

"Everywhere you look today, China is in the news. But how much do we know about daily life there?

In April 2006, WKCD, with the support of the Asia Society, spent two weeks with students at Beijing No. 12 High School creating a series of photo essays about lifeóand schoolóin New China. Younger students added a postscript: an audio Chinese-English dictionary in their own voices."

Visit the website for their "remarkable images and words in a series of 15 multimedia presentations. Look and listen to what these Beijing youth have to say--in Chinese as well as English."

Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | Resources

Community Schools: Bolstering the American Dream

"How can American schools, where more than half the students are children of color, who speak little English, and come from poor families defy the odds and begin to thrive? One example is Stevenson-YMCA Community School in Long Beach, Calif. Itís open early and late, evenings and weekends; it provides for all students and their families high-quality teaching, tutoring, before- and after-school programs, counseling, health services, parent engagement and leadership programs, arts and recreation, community and business partnerships, and additional opportunities at or near the school. Itís a community school by design -- a hub of productivity for the neighborhood.... People seem to have purpose and feel safe, writes Lisa Villarreal for 'Our Children' PTAís national magazine. What Stevenson does is not a new intervention or strategy; itís actually a return to the historical idea of schools as the center of community."

Referred by: PEN Weekly NewsBlast
Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | Resources

Grants to Support Education, Child Advocacy, Medical Research & the Arts

"The Charles Lafitte Foundation Grants Program awards funds to help groups and individuals foster lasting improvement on the human condition by providing support to education, children's advocacy, medical research and the arts. Maximum Award: varies. Eligibility: 501c-3 institutions." Letters of inquiy preferred as preliminary step. Applications accepted throughout the year.

Referred by: PEN Weekly NewsBlast
Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | Funding

Open-content learning portal debuts

Open Educational Resources (OER Commons)--"A new online resource gives teachers and students free access to more than 8,000 digital learning materials. Educators and students can add tags, ratings, reviews, and comments to help others quickly find what they're looking for. The site's mission is to provide a single point of access through which educators, students, and all other types of learners can search for, browse, evaluate, and discuss these free learning materials..."

Referred by: eSchool News
Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | Resources

Kids produce video for TV shows

"Inspired by the YouTube model of user-created content, a growing number of television networks are soliciting video contributed by viewers--and many of these efforts involve children and teens.

Last month, CNN debuted a new series called 'Children of the Storm,' featuring video from 11 New Orleans high school students as they share their experiences in life after Hurricane Katrina. Directed by Spike Lee, the show is hosted by Soledad O'Brien, co-anchor of CNN's American Morning.

Also last month, Nickelodeon debuted a two-hour programming block called 'ME:TV,' featuring contributions from 10-year-olds. And TLC last week began a six-part documentary series, 'My Life as a Child,' where children were given cameras to videotape their lives."

Posted by wrivenburgh on March 13, 2007 | News