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+ New Voices Community News Grants
+ YouthLearn's Guide to Using Individual and Group Journals
+ Essay Contest: Students envision 'digital dorms' of the future
+ States tackle global competitiveness
+ Colin Higgins Foundation Invites Nominations for Youth

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January 30, 2007

New Voices Community News Grants

"J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism invites U.S. nonprofit groups and education organizations to apply for funding to launch new community news ventures and to cooperate with J-Lab in spotlighting best practices and lessons learned.

Eligible to apply for funding under the New Voices project are 501(c)3 organizations and education institutions, including civic groups, community organizations, public broadcasters, schools, colleges and universities.

Funding is available for start-up news initiatives only." Deadline: February 20, 2007.

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 30, 2007 | Funding

YouthLearn's Guide to Using Individual and Group Journals

When most of us think of a journal, we imagine something like a diary in which people record their daily thoughts or activities. Writers use journals to spur their creativity and compose their work. Accountants do calculations in a journal. Travelers, explorers and bird watchers use journals to record their discoveries. Remember the first line from every Star Trek episode? "Captain's log, star date…"

We can use journals with young people to do all of these things and more.

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 30, 2007 | Activities

Essay Contest: Students envision 'digital dorms' of the future

"A new essay contest gives students the chance to win a college scholarship for sharing their ideas about how technology will be integrated into the 'digital dorm room' of the future. The top student responses will be compiled in book format and distributed to colleges nationwide, possibly influencing the design of future school facilities." The contest is open to high school juniors and young adults up to 28 years of age. Essays must be no longer than 750 words. Deadline: March 16.

Referred by: eSchool News
Posted by wrivenburgh on January 30, 2007 | Activities

States tackle global competitiveness

"Governors seek to boost math, science, and technology education in their State of the State addresses
In their State of the State addresses this year, many U.S. governors have proposed new education programs that aim to raise high school graduation rates and ensure the global competitiveness of their students--and many of these proposals rely on the use of educational technology."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 30, 2007 | News

January 29, 2007

Colin Higgins Foundation Invites Nominations for Youth

"The Colin Higgins Foundation ( annually awards the Colin Higgins Youth Courage Awards for bravery in the face of discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry based on sexual orientation and/or gender."

Deadline: March 2, 2007

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by tstreit on January 29, 2007 | Funding

A New Day For Learning: New Report from Mott Foundation

"Policymakers face a challenge: How do we ensure that all children have opportunities to reach their full potential in a competitive world where thinking skills are the most important asset of a society? According to an urgent report from the Time, Learning, and Afterschool Task Force funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, we can start by organizing learning time more effectively. . . . Based on extensive research and emerging policies and practices, the Task Force envisions a system rich with multiple ways to learn and develop, anchored to high standards, and aligned to educational resources throughout a community."

Referred by: Edutopia
Posted by tstreit on January 29, 2007 | Research

January 25, 2007

No More Arctic? Follow Will Steger's Global Warming 101 Expedition

"Baffin Island is ground zero for climate change... This February, Will Steger and his expedition team of Inuit hunters, explorers and educators, will embark on a four-month-long expedition to get a first-hand look at how global warming is impacting the Arctic landscape, wildlife, and human communities. The Global Warming 101 expedition will publicize this change using photo, audio and text updates they collect and post" to the Web... "Students and teachers around the country can follow along with the Expedition using the freely available educational curricula."

Referred by: GlobalEdNews
Posted by wrivenburgh on January 25, 2007 | Activities

January 16, 2007

MTV TR3s and Youth Venture Present the Tu Voz My Venture Contest

"As part of its mission to provide a voice to young Latinos in the United States, and in response to the alarming rate at which Latinos are dropping out of high school, MTV tr3s formed MTV Tr3s Voces, a campaign that aims to empower Latino youth to graduate high school and prepare for college, work, and life.

In partnership with Youth Venture and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MTV Tr3s Voces will awards grants of up to $1,000 each to groups of young Latinos that have new and creative ideas for after-school programs, organizations, clubs, or other ventures that encourage and help Latino youth graduate high school and prepare for college.... Venturas grants will be offered every week until June 29, 2007."

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by wrivenburgh on January 16, 2007 | Funding

Funding for Performance and Live Art on the Internet

"New York City-based Franklin Furnace, whose mission is 'to make the world safe for avant-garde art,' annually awards grants in two categories. The Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art supports emerging performance artists, allowing them to produce major works in New York. The Future of the Present funds the creation of live art that engages the Internet as an art medium and/or venue.

Grants from either fund range between $2,000 and $5,000 each. Artists from all areas of the world are encouraged to apply, and applications will automatically be considered for both categories." Deadline: April 1, 2007

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by wrivenburgh on January 16, 2007 | Funding

Dollar General Literacy and Other Grants

Spring deadlines are coming up for Dollar General's grant programs, including Adult Literacy Grants; Back-to-School Grants [for schools]; Beyond Words: The Dollar General School Library Relief Program [for libraries]; Family Literacy Grants; and Youth Literacy Initiatives. Please note that in order to be eligible, organizations must be in or near a community with a Dollar General store. See applications for details.

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 16, 2007 | Funding

Using Digital Images in Teaching and Learning

"Digital images have become a major element in the rapidly-evolving educational digital landscape. How is the use of these new digital formats contributing to changing practices in teaching and learning in higher education? This is one of many questions explored by Academic Commons, an online space created in 2005 to examine the relationships between new technologies and liberal education....
The two principal investigative instruments were an online survey and a set of followup face-to-face interviews. The project sought both to build a knowledge base on the key issues, opportunities and challenges for faculty as they began to use digital images; and to create an active online forum for participants to further share their practices, recommendations and needs."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 16, 2007 | Research

Primary Resources and Real-World Data

"Where can I find historical speeches, posters, and maps? My students like real-world data and statistics for math problems, where can I find this type of information? What are the best sources of historical documents, oral histories, and other authentic resources?

The Internet provides access to a wide range of primary resources such as letters, diaries, journals, logs, data, documents, speeches, and videos. Students can also create authentic information through collecting oral histories, conducting polls and surveys, and keeping journals."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 16, 2007 | Activities

Hubble telescope's top ten greatest space photographs

Since "an audacious Shuttle repair mission, when Hubble was fixed with what is effectively a pair of eyeglasses to correct its sight, the telescope has returned some of the most stunning images ever captured by science.

And now astronomers have voted for the best pictures taken by Hubble in its 16 years in orbit.

Hubble's Top Ten are shown here, and they illustrate that our universe is not only deeply strange, but also almost impossibly beautiful."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 16, 2007 | Activities

January 11, 2007

Video Games as Tools in Workforce Preparation

"Mathematics, science and video games? A U.S. university professor is urging schools to consider using video games as tools to better prepare children for the work force.

For although many educators scoff at the idea of video games in schools, the U.S. military has titles that train soldiers, teenagers with cancer use a game to battle their illness virtually and physically and some surgeons use video games to keep their hands nimble.

David Williamson Shaffer, an education science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says schools should use games to prepare children to compete in the work force, where juggling technology is a daily requirement."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 11, 2007 | News

January 02, 2007

National Afterschool Association Conference

"The National AfterSchool Association’s 19th Annual Conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, March 21 – Friday, March 23 in 2007 with PreConference events on Tuesday, March 20. The NAA Conference is the premier education and networking gathering of the afterschool professional community...."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 02, 2007 | Resources

Worldwide 24/7 Student Project Curriculum and Activities

"The America 24/7 Student Project is based on the book America 24/7, by Rick Smolan and David Elliot Cohen. The book's images, submitted over a one-week period by both amateur and professional photographers, paint a powerful picture of everyday life in the diverse communities that make up the United States. The book's grass-roots look at who Americans are and how we live inspired the use of this book as a classroom guide to visual literacy and to developing student web photo galleries that tell the unique stories of their own communities.... It includes lessons in Social Studies, Geography, History, Art, Language Arts, and International Studies. To extend the scope of learning, students post their images to a web gallery to share with other schools."

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 02, 2007 | Activities

Zany Zoom Ins, a YouthLearn Activity in Photography

Are you and your kids getting into photography in this new year? Check out 'Zany Zoom Ins: Fun With Close-Up Photographs', an activity in the YouthLearn collection. Even if you're introducing photography as part of a larger project, you'll want to spend time over several sessions introducing photographic techniques to help kids understand elementary concepts like distance, angle and framing. "Zany Zoom Ins" is an intermediate activity you can use along the way. In this activity, the kids take ultra-close-up photographs of common objects to identify what they are.

Posted by wrivenburgh on January 02, 2007 | Activities

Sparkplug Foundation Grants

"The Sparkplug Foundation supports start-up projects primarily in three areas of focus: music, education and grassroots organizing.... In all areas of focus, Sparkplug is interested in making one-time grants for activities which create sustainable organizing and communities."

Eligible applicants: 501c-3 organizations; Organizations with 501c-3 sponsors; Individuals with or without sponsors.
"The first step is to call them for a talk-through of your proposal, to assess whether you should submit an application. Please be aware that they only consider applications that have been discussed with them in advance. Next application deadline: May 16, 2007"

Referred by: Charity Channel/Don Griesman's Grant Opportunities
Posted by wrivenburgh on January 02, 2007 | Funding

Youth Service America Disney Minnie Grants

"Youth Service America and Disney are offering Disney Minnie Grants to youth across the globe.

These grants of $500 each support youth (ages 5-14) in planning and implementing service projects in their community. Teachers, older youth (15-25), youth-leaders, and youth-serving organizations are also eligible to apply, provided that they engage younger youth (5-14) in planning and implementing the service event.

A significant component of the project must take place on National & Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2007... Applications are welcome from all countries." Deadline: January 24, 2007

Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by wrivenburgh on January 02, 2007 | Funding