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+ Facilitating video projects with youth
+ Entries Invited for Technology in Education Essay Contest
+ National Neighborhood Day Short Film Contest: Call for Entries!
+ “Film Your Issue” Submissions Due - May 21, 2006
+ TILT Episode 10 - Beginning Excel in the Classroom

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April 25, 2006

Facilitating video projects with youth

Given the many opportunities cited in this newsletter for young people to showcase their own films, it might be useful to review some tips on facilitating video projects with youth.

We have found that working with video isn't something you can just jump right into. Children must be prepared for it with preliminary excursions into concepts like storyboarding and photography. Each stage can be made fun and educational, and at the end of the project, the youth will understand how all the pieces come together to make a video they're proud of.

Posted by mbiswas on April 25, 2006 | Activities

Entries Invited for Technology in Education Essay Contest

Samsung Electronics America launched the "Hope for Education" essay contest in 2004. Hope for Education is a distinctive educational philanthropy program designed to better educate U.S. elementary, middle, and high school students through the delivery of new digital technologies and software.

Teachers, administrators, parents, and students may enter the contest by writing a 100-word essay on why their school and students are in need of digital technology in the classroom.

URL: Hope for Education
Referred by: Foundation Center
Posted by mbiswas on April 25, 2006 | Funding

National Neighborhood Day Short Film Contest: Call for Entries!

The mission of National Neighborhood Day is to inspire, build, and sustain the neighborhood relationships that provide the foundation for civic action and the building of stronger, more caring and effective communities. The vision establishes National Neighborhood Day as an annual day to recognize and reinforce the relationships that are the fabric of our communities.

To promote National Neighborhood Day’s mission and vision, we are hosting our second annual National Neighborhood Day Short Film Contest. This is an awesome opportunity for filmmakers to use technology and creativity to tell the nation “What Neighborhood Means to Me”. The deadline for entries is June 15, 2006.

Posted by mbiswas on April 25, 2006 | Activities

April 24, 2006

“Film Your Issue” Submissions Due - May 21, 2006

"FILM YOUR ISSUE, an unprecedented "issue film" competition, is inviting young Americans 18 to 26--including 7 million college and university students on 1,200 campuses nationally-- to add their voices to the public dialogue on contemporary issues via 30- to 60-second films. The Millennium Development Goals are included as one of five "suggested sub-categories," which will offer additional presentation platforms to winners. George Clooney and Walter Cronkite have each written an open letter urging young Americans to engage in the pressing social issues of our times."

Referred by: Global TeachNet
Posted by hchung on April 24, 2006 | Activities

April 21, 2006

TILT Episode 10 - Beginning Excel in the Classroom

"Most teachers I've talked to want to use Microsoft Excel with their students but don't know where to begin. This episode guides you through a simple but interesting project with Excel which involves doing a real-time survey, entering that data into Excel, and very quickly and easily turning that data into a pictograph."

Referred by: TILT - Teachers Improving Learning with Technology Blog
Posted by hchung on April 21, 2006 | Resources

April 20, 2006

Special Session 2006 UNESCO Young Digital Creators

International Call for Participation
"Scenes and sounds of my city" Special Session 2006
Deadline 3 May 2006

"The UNESCO DigiArts Team invites young students and teachers to reflect on the theme of "scenes and sounds of my city" and to send to UNESCO a joint project proposal in group work that focuses on a specific topic or issue in relation to their urban environment or their experiences within urban surroundings.

This project will be realized through a running session of the Scenes and Sounds of My City web-based learning application, which is designed for young people (12-18 years old) to collaboratively use creative digital tools in expressing their visions on urban topics."

Referred by: UNESCO DigiArts Team
Posted by hchung on April 20, 2006 | Activities

April 19, 2006

Tech Lesson of the Week: Poetry Slam PowerPoint Style

"Students select poems, create PowerPoint presentations that use graphics and text to enhance those poems, and then display their presentations as they read their poems aloud."

Education World Weekly Newsletter
Posted by hchung on April 19, 2006 | Activities

April 18, 2006


"This new report documents what committed educators, policymakers, and community leaders across the country are doing to reconnect out-of-school youth to the social and economic mainstream. It provides background on the serious high school dropout problem and describes in-depth what twelve communities are doing to reconnect dropouts to education and employment training. It also includes descriptions of major national program models serving out-of-school youth."

Referred by: PEN Newsblast
Posted by hchung on April 18, 2006 | Research

April 11, 2006

ITEST Program Continues To Grow

In the past, we've shared with the YouthLearn community our work as part of the team here at EDC assisting National Science Foundation's ITEST (IT Experiences for Students and Teachers) program. YouthLearn team members are liaisons to some of the more than 50 program grantees around the country and create many of the publications that illustrate promising practices reavealed through their efforts. A recent convening of grantees of the program illustrated the dynamic ways that these projects are articulating how IT skill development and STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) learning go hand-in-hand in today's classrooms and afterschool programs.

Posted by tstreit on April 11, 2006 | YouthLearn Updates

YouthLearn's "The Patterns in Poetry" Activity

This activity teaches something about poetry and reading while focusing mainly on words and vocabulary building. You'll be taking a poem and substituting synonyms to see how the meaning and pattern stay the same even as the words change. Suggested variations include ideas for working with older kids and for incorporating song lyrics and making pictures to extend the activity.

Posted by wrivenburgh on April 11, 2006 | Activities

April is National Poetry Month!

"Get ready to teach poetry this month with a list of tips and great poems from The Academy of American Poets. Other great poetry sites for young kids include 'Giggle Poetry' and 'Kathi Mitchell's Poetry for Kids,' which has directions for teaching kids about lots of different types of poems."

Referred by: Reading Rockets
Posted by wrivenburgh on April 11, 2006 | Activities

Interview with 2005 National Teacher of the Year

"Jason Kamras, a mathematics teacher at John Philip Sousa Middle School, in Washington, DC is one of the youngest honorees of the National Teacher of the Year program. Kamras was recently named one of Edutopia Magazine's 'Daring Dozen.' Follow this link [below] to find Edutopia's profile of Kamras, plus a 9-minute video interview and a complete interview transcript. In the video Kamras describes how he improved mathematics learning by connecting math to photography, to digital art using Photoshop, and to the street map of Washington, DC." The second part of the interview is scheduled for April 12.

Referred by: MiddleWeb
Posted by wrivenburgh on April 11, 2006 | News

April 06, 2006


"The American Honda Foundation Grants Program awards $40,000-$80,000 to organizations working in science education and with young people. The proposal is deadline May 1."

Referred by: Edutopia News
Posted by hchung on April 06, 2006 | Funding

April 05, 2006

"Digital History" aims to make history instruction more interactive

"Faculty at the University of Houston's history department and College of Education have designed the "Digital History" web site to support the teaching of American history to K-12 students. The site includes an online textbook, annotated historical documents, and more than 70 interactive, inquiry-based modules. Students can view a timeline to see notable political, socio-economic, and cultural episodes in United States and world history...."

Referred by: eSchool News
Posted by hchung on April 05, 2006 | Resources

Youths use cell phones as mini-PCs

"A new survey suggests that today's youth--and minorities in particular--are using cell phones more and more as mini personal computers, sparking a revolution in ubiquitous computing. The survey could have important implications for school leaders looking to design programs that appeal to their students and younger stakeholders."

Referred by: eSchool News
Posted by hchung on April 05, 2006 | News

SEDL Afterschool Training Toolkit

"The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory has developed a versatile online toolkit designed to help AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM directors and staff create engaging and academically enriching environments for students." (YouthLearn Director Tony Streit serves as a technology consultant to SEDL on this effort, and is currently helping SEDL develop the Technology Toolkit, featuring a number of resources from YouthLearn and available in early 2007.)

Referred by: ECS e-Connection
Posted by hchung on April 05, 2006 | Resources

Teens Help Teens Stay Safe Online

"While parents worry about potential dangers to their children lurking in our web-surfing, IM-ing, text-messaging culture...Although public awareness of the need for online safety education has increased recently, there's still more that needs to be done. Teenangels, a program for youth ages 13 to 18, is using the peer-to-peer approach to school others about online safety."

Referred by: Connect for Kids
Posted by hchung on April 05, 2006 | News