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+ BFA 2005 Education Grant Process
+ Best Buy Te@ch Program to Reward Schools for Use of Interactive Technology
+ Textbooks dumped in favor of laptops
+ Back to School and Gaming, Kids
+ Pathways to Freedom: Maryland & the Underground Railroad

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September 28, 2004

BFA 2005 Education Grant Process

"The Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA) is pleased to announce its 2005 Education grant process. The Foundation will award state-of-the-art Toshiba-branded technology equipment to public, private, parochial, and charter schools that meet eligibility criteria as noted at

The Foundation will accept "letters of Interest" from eligible schools from October 4 through 22, 2004. Successful submissions will be invited to apply."

Posted by lpenney on September 28, 2004 | Funding

September 27, 2004

Best Buy Te@ch Program to Reward Schools for Use of Interactive Technology

"Best Buy and the Best Buy Children's Foundation are seeking applications from teachers for the second annual "te@ch" program. The program is designed to reward schools for successfully integrating interactive technology into classrooms.

The te@ch program will provide a $2,500 Best Buy Gift Card to schools in recognition of programs or projects that creatively integrate interactive technology into the curriculum. This year $3,000,000 will be awarded nationwide to 1,200 schools located within 25 miles of a Best Buy store." Deadline: October 1

Referred By: The Foundation Center
Posted by lpenney on September 27, 2004 | Funding

September 22, 2004

Textbooks dumped in favor of laptops

"No textbooks? No problem. A revolutionary new high school outside Tucson, Ariz., plans to do away with the bulky, hardcover tomes in favor of laptop computers, making it one of the first schools in the nation to abandon the use of traditional textbooks for the educational value of the internet. . . ."

Referred by: eSchool News Online
Posted by tstreit on September 22, 2004 | News

September 20, 2004

Back to School and Gaming, Kids

"Back to school for many kids means "back to internet access" in classes where the best of filtering software is not foolproof, particularly against seemingly harmless websites used for invasive marketing...Little is formally being done to shield kids in school or at home from "immersive advertising" or corporate-sponsored "advergames" such as the Neopets website, which contains loads of embedded advertising messages and links to merchandise."

Referred by: Wired News
Posted by hchung on September 20, 2004 | News

September 16, 2004

Pathways to Freedom: Maryland & the Underground Railroad

"Travel back to the 1800s and become an eyewitness to history. . . ."

This website includes a number of resources to help educators engage young people in an exploration of the Underground Railroad. The site was developed by Maryland Public Television through a grant from the Department of Education. Included is a first person flash-animation experience where young people can relive the decision-making process involved in escaping to freedom.

Referred by: Maryland Public Television
Posted by hchung on September 16, 2004 | Activities

September 15, 2004

Women and Children Last: The Discursive Construction of Weblogs

"Are weblogs inherently “democratizing,” in the sense of giving voice to diverse populations of users? The empirical findings reported for gender and age at the beginning of this essay suggest that they are. Yet public commentators on weblogs, including many bloggers themselves, collude in reproducing gender and age-based hierarchy in the blogosphere, demonstrating once again that even an open access technology—and high hopes for its use—cannot guarantee socially equitable outcomes in a society that continues to embrace hierarchical values."

Referred by: Blogosphere
Posted by hchung on September 15, 2004 | Research

September 14, 2004

College Debates Its High - Tech Gamble

"BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (AP) -- Small, poor and 45 minutes from the nearest town with a shopping mall, West Virginia Wesleyan College couldn't attract enough students to fill its classrooms and improve its struggling finances. To survive and thrive, it needed to stand out. The answer, college leaders decided, was technology."

This article from the Associated Press discusses the pros & cons of the decision to focus on technology made by Wesleyan College ten years ago.

Posted by lpenney on September 14, 2004 | News

Awards for Middle School Students Solving Community Problems

"The Christopher Columbus Awards Program challenges teams of students grades 6 to 8, led by an adult coach, to identify a community problem and develop a solution using science and technology. Eight finalist teams win a $200 grant to develop their ideas further and an all-expense-paid trip to National Championship Week at Walt Disney World. Additionally, the two Gold Medal winning teams will receive $2,000 U.S. Savings Bond for each team member and one team will win $25,000 to develop its idea in the community. Student teams (3-4 students each) in grades 6-8 throughout the United States are eligible to apply. The deadline for submitting applications is February 14, 2005."

Referred by: GrantStation Insider
Posted by lpenney on September 14, 2004 | Funding

RadioShack Announces New Grants Program for Child and Family Safety Efforts

"RadioShack Corporation, the Fort Worth, Texas-based consumer electronics retailer, is now accepting applications for its Neighborhood Answers Grant program. The program, which began this year, is designed to fund worthy causes that help families protect children from abduction, violence, and abuse." Deadline: September 15, December 15

Referred by: The Foundation Center
Posted by lpenney on September 14, 2004 | Funding

Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grant Program Offered by State Farm Companies Foundation and Youth Service America

"Youth Service America and State Farm have partnered to present the State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grant. The grant is available to teachers/professors, youth (ages 5-25), and school-based service-learning coordinators to implement service-learning projects for National Youth Service Day 2005, April 15-17." Deadline: October 18, 2004

Referred by: The Foundation Center
Posted by lpenney on September 14, 2004 | Funding

September 13, 2004

Educational Technology: Media for Inquiry, Communication, Construction, and Expression

You can explore what a Deweyian view of the role of technology in inquiry-based learning is like!

"A new way of classifying uses of educational technologies, based on a four-part division suggested years ago by John Dewey: inquiry, communication, construction, and expression. This taxonomy is compared to previous taxonomies of educational technologies, and is found to cover a wider range of uses, including many of the cutting-edge uses of educational technologies...."

Posted by hchung on September 13, 2004 | Research

15 Million Youth Need Afterschool Programs

"America After 3 PM: A Household Survey on Afterschool in America finds that just 6.5 million children are in afterschool programs ....Just six percent of middle schoolers are in afterschool programs...In response, the Afterschool Alliance unveiled [Afterschool for All: Project 2010], a new united national voice in support of afterschool programs."

Posted by hchung on September 13, 2004 | Research

The Tablet PC Takes Its Place in the Classroom

"TABLET PC's have been around for almost two years now, and while they have not yet proved to be the revolutionary change agents that they were billed as in November 2002, they are starting to carve a niche for themselves in certain corners of the digital world. ...perhaps the most promising area so far is in the classroom, a setting in which portable devices with handwriting capabilities would seem to make sense."

[free registration required to view article]
Posted by lpenney on September 13, 2004 | News

Blended Model in the Elementary Classroom

"The integration of an online learning environment with a traditional elementary school classroom would ideally combine all of the benefits of both modes of teaching. ... This dual mode, or blended learning environment, while increasingly more common in higher education and even some high schools, has not been readily embraced at the elementary (K-5) school level. Why not?"

Posted by lpenney on September 13, 2004 | Research

September 02, 2004

Newz Crew Website Offers Place for Youth Dialogue

Do you work with high school-aged youth? Are you looking for free
online projects to help them learn about current events, technology,
and improve communication skills?

Then maybe Newz Crew is the project for you.

Referred by: Global Kids
Posted by tstreit on September 02, 2004 | Activities